Reta Johnson, the Family Resources Specialist for Eden Prairie Schools, spoke to our club about the work she does to combat homelessness in our community. She currently works with around 140 homeless students (down from 200 last year) and 20 foster care students at Eden Prairie High School. Her role is to ensure each one of them has the same access to resources as other students. Some of her work includes coordinating transportation for students in new locations and getting families into shelters. She also took the initiative to create the EP Help on Hand Family Resources Program Guide, which outlines different resources available for families or students in specific situations or with certain needs. The comprehensive booklet is available online at and in person at schools across the district. She also emphasized the importance of community outreach and service in her presentation, recognizing places like the PROP Shop for how vital they are in getting families the clothing and furniture they need. Her work is extremely important, and it is a great reminder of why we do what we do!