Crystal Cullerton-Sen spoke to our club about her Minneapolis-based non-profit, The Compassion Museum. The Compassion Museum is an initiative driven by three guiding questions: What is compassion? Why does it matter? How do we cultivate it and bring it alive in our lives? After working with children's mental health and trauma as well as hospice care, it was this third question that inspired Crystal to begin the initiative. She and her team work to bring awareness and teach others how to be more compassionate through public pop-ups and exhibits, immersive tours, programs, participatory art, and more. She shared with us many stories of discovery through these experiences, and how it has helped so many community members to be more compassionate with those around them. The Compassion Museum is young and expanding, looking to its next goal of fundraising to fund the growing experiences and opportunities it brings to the greater Minneapolis community. Support Crystal, her team, and this inspiring cause by donating at