Haiti Clean Water Project
The Haiti Water Project was a Rotary funded endeavor that aimed to provide many cities in Haiti with clean drinking water and operational wells. Back in 2015, talk of funding an international project circulated throughout the Eden Prairie Noon Rotary Club. After lots of brainstorming and deliberation among club members, the concept of the Haiti Water Project had taken form. 
The Eden Prairie Noon Rotary club initially invested $22,000 into this project. In addition to these initial funds, 17 clubs invested $110,000, Hyvee Corporations invested $30,000, the District Foundation invested $122,000, Haiti Outreach invested $200,000, and Rotary International invested $197,000. In total, the initial funds of $22,000 were magnified to $720,000!
The Haiti Water project was a 5 day trip with many Eden Prairie Noon Rotary Members participating including: John Urbanski, Bob Danielson, Tom Thorfinnson, Todd Bolig, and Amanda Ottman. In total, 43 new or repaired wells were installed in Pignon, Haiti. Three wells were given to new schools, and these new wells allowed for operating latrines. However, the giving does not stop there. Rotary International is focused on providing sustainability to communities helped, so these new wells employed 80 local Haitians. After each well was installed, each community had amazing celebrations. The immense feeling of gratitude was felt by both the Haitians and our fellow Rotarians. In addition to installing wells, many Rotarians took day trips around Haiti and visited newly constructed water towers and hospitals. 
Through hard work, sacrifice, and determination, the Haiti Clean Water Project has become one of the most successful Eden Prairie Noon Rotary projects to date. Without the support of Rotary partners around the world, this project would not have been possible.